Our Pick to the Top 5 SPAs in Uluwatu

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Bali, the Island of the Gods, is a sanctuary of tranquility and healing. Uluwatu, perched on the southern cliffs of the island, is not just a surfer’s paradise but also a spa haven for those seeking to unwind and indulge in self-care. From the budget-conscious traveler to the luxury seeker, Uluwatu’s spa scene caters to every wallet. Here are the top 5 spas we recommend to our guests.

Affordable Luxury: Spas for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

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U Spa Bali

U Spa Bali stands out with its boho-chic decor and a warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s a place where affordability meets quality, offering a range of treatments from massages to facials, all using natural, homemade products. The spa’s commitment to providing a personalised experience ensures that even the most budget-conscious traveler can enjoy a touch of luxury.

Laniakea Spa

Laniakea Spa is a minimalist’s dream, with its clean lines and elegant design. The spa prides itself on using Sensatia Botanicals, a local line of natural beauty products. Guests can enjoy a full body massage followed by a traditional “lulur” body scrub, a treatment that leaves the skin radiant and the spirit rejuvenated, all without stretching the wallet.

Mid-Range Indulgence: Spas with the Perfect Balance of Cost and Comfort

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Fresh Spa Uluwatu

Fresh Spa Uluwatu is a sanctuary where guests can enjoy a variety of treatments in a peaceful setting. The spa offers a balance of luxury and affordability, with a focus on holistic wellness. Whether it’s a soothing massage or a rejuvenating body treatment, Fresh Spa provides a mid-range indulgence that doesn’t compromise on quality or experience.

Spring Spa Uluwatu

Spring Spa is a contemporary wellness retreat that offers an extensive range of services, including a full-service Davines salon. The spa’s design seamlessly blends indoor comfort with the natural beauty of Uluwatu, creating a harmonious environment for relaxation. With competitive pricing, Spring Spa is a go-to for those seeking a mid-range spa experience that feels high-end.

Ultimate Pampering: Spas for the Splurge-Worthy Experience

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The Bulgari Spa at Bulgari Resort Bali

For the ultimate in luxury and pampering, The Bulgari Spa at Bulgari Resort Bali is unparalleled. Perched on a cliff with stunning ocean views, the spa offers exclusive treatments that utilize exotic oils and herbs. A team of skilled therapists administers deep massages and bespoke wellness programs, ensuring a splurge-worthy experience that epitomises indulgence.


Uluwatu’s diverse spa offerings ensure that every guest can find the perfect treatment to suit their needs and budget. From the simple pleasures of a budget-friendly massage to the decadent experiences of a luxury spa, Uluwatu has it all. We encourage our guests to explore these “Top SPAs in Uluwatu” recommendations and add a touch of wellness to their Bali adventure.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What should I wear to a spa in Uluwatu?
A: Most spas provide you with a robe and disposable underwear. It’s best to wear something comfortable that you can easily change out of.

Q: Do I need to tip at spas in Uluwatu?
A: Tipping is not mandatory in Bali. However, if you enjoyed your service, a tip is certainly a kind gesture that will be very much appreciated.

Q: Can I book spa treatments in advance?
A: Yes, and it’s recommended to do so, especially during peak seasons, to ensure you get the time and treatment you desire.

Q: Are there any cultural practices I should be aware of when visiting a spa in Bali?
A: Balinese culture values respect and modesty. It’s polite to arrive on time and to speak softly within the spa premises. After your treatment, a simple ‘thank you’ to your therapist is a sign of appreciation.

Q: Are the products used in Uluwatu spas safe for sensitive skin?
A: Most spas use natural and organic products. However, if you have sensitive skin or allergies, inform the spa beforehand so they can accommodate your needs.

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