3 Balinese Hinduism Facts That Will Change Your Perspective on Spirituality


Hey there, curious readers! Today, we’re going on a fascinating journey to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. We won’t just talk about stunning beaches and delicious food. Instead, we’ll dive deep into the unique and captivating world of Balinese Hinduism. Get ready to have your mind blown by three incredible facts that will make you see spirituality in a whole new light!

Fact #1: The One Supreme God and Many Deities

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Balinese Hindus believe in one supreme god called Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the creator of the universe and the source of all life. They also believe in many other gods and goddesses who help Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa keep the world in balance.

These gods and goddesses are like superheroes, each with their own special powers and jobs. Vishnu protects the universe, Brahma creates all living things, and Saraswati oversees knowledge and the arts.

Balinese Hindus build beautiful temples and shrines to honour these deities. They leave offerings of flowers, food, and incense to show respect and ask for blessings. It’s like having powerful friends always looking out for you!

Fact #2: The Unique Balinese Hindu Calendar


In the Western world, we use a calendar based on the sun, with 365 days in a year. But in Bali, they do things differently. The Balinese calendar, called the Pawukon, is based on the cycles of the moon and has 210 days in a year. Isn’t that wild?

This special calendar has 30 weeks, each with its own unique name and meaning. The Balinese use the Pawukon to plan important events like weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. They believe certain days are more auspicious or lucky than others.

The Pawukon is not just a calendar; it’s also a guide for living a balanced and harmonious life. Each week is associated with different gods, goddesses, and natural elements. The Balinese use this information to understand the world around them and make wise choices. It’s like having a secret code for navigating life’s challenges!

Balinese Hinduism Calendar

Fact #3: Reincarnation and Karma in Bali’s Hindu Religion


Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? The Balinese have a fascinating answer to that question. In Balinese Hinduism, they believe in reincarnation. After someone dies, their soul is reborn into a new body. This cycle of life, death, and rebirth goes on and on, like a never-ending adventure.

The Balinese also believe in karma. The actions we take in this life will affect what happens to us in our next life. If we do good things and help others, we’ll have good karma and be reborn into a happy and successful life. But if we do bad things and hurt others, we’ll have bad karma and face challenges in our next life.

This belief in reincarnation and karma shapes the way the Balinese live their lives. They try to be kind, honest, and generous because they know their actions have consequences that reach far beyond this lifetime. It’s like planting seeds that will grow into a beautiful garden in the future!



Wow, what a journey! We’ve learned so much about Balinese Hinduism and how it shapes the way people think about spirituality. From the belief in one supreme god and many other gods and goddesses to the unique calendar based on the cycles of the moon to the idea of reincarnation and karma, it’s clear that Balinese Hinduism has a rich and fascinating way of understanding the world.

Even if you’re not Balinese or Hindu, there’s still so much we can learn from these beliefs. They remind us to respect the world around us, live in harmony with nature, and be kind and compassionate to others. And who knows – maybe we’ll all be reborn as cute little puppies in our next life if we do a good job!

So the next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment to think about the wisdom of the Balinese faith. Remember that we’re all connected, our actions have consequences, and there’s always something new and amazing to learn about the world. Trust me, your mind will be blown all over again!


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Q: Do Balinese Hindus worship the same gods as Indian Hindus?
A: While there are some similarities, Balinese Hinduism has its own unique set of gods and goddesses specific to the island of Bali. Some of these deities are not found in Indian Hinduism.

Q: How does the Balinese Hindu calendar differ from the Western calendar?
A: The Balinese calendar, called the Pawukon, is based on the cycles of the moon and has 210 days in a year. It has 30 weeks, each with its own name and meaning. In contrast, the Western calendar is based on the sun and has 365 days in a year.

Q: What is the purpose of making offerings in Bali’s Hindu religion?
A: Balinese Hindus make offerings of flowers, food, and incense to show respect to their gods and goddesses and to ask for blessings. These offerings maintain a strong connection between humans and the divine.

Q: How does the belief in karma and reincarnation affect daily life in Balinese Hinduism?
A: The belief in karma and reincarnation encourages the Balinese to live a virtuous life. They believe their actions in this life will determine their fate in the next. This belief shapes their daily decisions and interactions with others, promoting kindness, honesty, and generosity.

Q: Can non-Balinese people learn from the principles of the Balinese faith?
A: Absolutely! The teachings of Balinese Hinduism, such as respecting nature, living harmoniously, and being compassionate towards others, are universal values. People from all walks of life can appreciate and apply these principles, regardless of their religious or cultural background.

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